Redefining Data and Insights

Innovating Freight Dynamics: The Inland Barging Journey

Freight Rates

A Visionary Foundation
in 2023

Inland Barging, conceived by Emiel de Barbanson in 2023, marks a transformative shift in how barge freight rates are perceived and interpreted. Emerging from years of product development at an industry giant, Emiel recognized the limitations of traditional pricing strategies within the Antwerp - Rotterdam - Amsterdam (ARA) and Rhine region. This realization fueled his commitment to devising innovative approaches that optimize services and offer calculated pricing.

Seizing Opportunities & Specializing

A Niche Focus on Clean Petroleum Products

When the chance to exclusively serve the inland barging market for clean petroleum products presented itself, Emiel seized the opportunity. Inland Barging, the outcome of this strategic move, emerges as an impartial provider of fair benchmarking reports. Rooted in authentic passion for the industry and genuine concern for its people, Inland Barging is purpose-built to empower decision-makers, fostering thriving businesses.

Insights by the Market, for the Market

A Voice for Every Market Player

Inland Barging's founding desire is to amplify every voice in the market and become the premier provider of industry insights crafted by the market, for the market. With an intimate understanding of the region's dynamics and extensive networks, Inland Barging generates meaningful insights and data. Through constant communication with key industry players, including shippers, brokers, and barge operators, the team at Inland Barging facilitates easy leveraging of insights, participation in industry panels, and purposeful scaling of operations for market players of any size.

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