About us

Our mission

We’re demystifying the data behind the daily ARA and Rhine freight rates through one simple tool: communication.

We’re in contact 24/7 with shippers, brokers, barge operators, and the many other people that play a critical role in our industry. Our analysts constantly transforming raw information into readable reports that make a tangible difference in your day-to-day operation.

We’re not only determined to uplift your business with reliable, up-to-date benchmarking freight rate reports – we’re also dedicated to providing unmatched customer service with round-the-clock support. Our data is generated for the market, by the market, enabling every player in our industry to be heard, participate with intention, and improve their decision making

Inland Barging is the go-to provider of independent market research with daily Rhine and ARA benchmarking freight rate reports. With a focus on 24/7 communication and customer service across a diverse international network. Our insights are generated by the market, for the market.

What we do

ARA Freight rates 

ARA Freight Rates for clean petroleum products provide a comprehensive barge freight rate service, covering the key inland shipping routes in the ARA region. We make sure that you have access to the most accurate and up to date data through every platform and delivery mode possible.

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Rhine freight rates

Rhine Freight Rates for Inland Barging is the premier source for reliable and accurate data regarding barging operations along the Rhine River. Our highly trained staff provides top-notch customer service, unparalleled expertise in navigating the river, the ports and in-depth knowledge of the daily operations and various market factors.

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Software as a service

A one-stop shop for all your ship-shore checklists. Easily add any other ship-shore checklist to your Digital ISGOTT environment and customize it the way you want. Add all yourpre-berthing forms, operational agreements, loading-discharging plans, hourly logs, and many more into your Smartflow environment.

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Your success is our business