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Providing CPP benchmarking reports for the ARA and Rhine Region

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Our mission


Unveiling Transparency

Embark on a journey of transparency and data driven insights with Inland Barging. We are on a mission to demystify the complexities surrounding ARA and Rhine freight rates through a simple but effective approach: communication and partnerships. Our commitment to unveiling the intricacies of the market sets the stage for informed decision-making in the dynamic world of freight logistics.


24/7 Connected with Industry Players

In the heartbeat of our industry, we maintain a constant dialogue with shippers, brokers, barge operators, and other key stakeholders. Our commitment goes beyond the ordinary – we are available 24/7. Through this unwavering engagement, we ensure that our analysts are consistently transforming raw data into readable reports that wield a tangible influence on your day-to-day operations.


Empowering Decision-Making

At Inland Barging, we don’t just deliver benchmarking freight rate reports; we empower your business with market-driven insights. Our data is generated for the market, by the market, enabling every participant in the industry to be heard, engage with intention, and enhance their decision-making process. Experience the fusion of information and insights that propels your business forward.

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Increase your bottom line

Unveiling Transparency

Unlock clarity with Inlandbarging. We simplify ARA and Rhine rates, empowering smarter decisions through data.

Empowering Decision-Making

Choose Inland Barging for market-driven insights. Our reports empower every industry player to engage purposefully, fostering strategic excellence.

Always Connected

With Inland Barging, industry connectivity is 24/7. Our constant dialogue ensures real-time insights and dedicated analyst support for your operations.